PROFILES: Add your Profile (IT'S EASY & FREE!) The more profiles we have, the more we can catch up and connect with long lost friends.

PRIVACY - All contact information is kept strictly confidential. When you add a Profile, a button will show up next to your name so folks can contact you, but your email will remain hidden & private so you retain full control of your own contact information.

PHOTOS: We would love to have you add a current photo to your profile.  We scanned in photos from the yearbook and we will add your graduation photo (you don't really get a choice on the old photo...sorry).   The Photo Albums are another place where you can upload photos from the past and from your life right now.

MEMORIALS: This page is where we remember classmates who have died. Please help us remember them. 

RECOVERING YOUR LOGIN INFORMATION: You will need to use the same login or email you originally used to set up your account to recover your password. (Patricia has a list of all login ids, but no password info) If you don't remember your old login id or the email or don't have access to it, go ahead and set up a new Profile. We will delete the oldest duplicate profile for you.

Memory Book Project

We are going to see if we can pull together enough information to print a memory book for our class.  BUT, we want to keep it private, so please use the secure online directory if you would like to be included.