Let us know your thoughts!

We are weighing our options and getting a reality check when it comes to when and how our 50th reunion will be held.

QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER: How much do you want to spend? Formal or informal? Catered, Food-trucks or Potluck? Summer or Fall? COVID considerations...

Please take the time now to give us your feedback. It is important information for the Reunion Team to consider as we move forward.

Thank you!
1) Which month in 2022 is easiest for you?
Doesn't matter to me
2) Coordinating with Minnesota State Fair - in case folks from out of town might want to go
I'm ok for whenever.
August won't work.

3) What type of venue do you prefer?
Inside Formal (hotel type)
Outside/inside - Formal
Outside/inside - Informal
Outside informal - eg. tents
I'm OK for all types of venues
4) Food
Pot Luck
Food Truck
I'm Ok for anything

5) Price Range
$25 ish
up to $50
up to $75
up to $100
6) COVID 19 Considerations
Vaccinated only
If Unvaccinated - Covid test 72 hrs
It doesn't matter to me