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Terri Kohlbeck
Freelance writer Single 1 2019-01-31 13:06:05
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Carl Cramer
Profile picture
Profile picture
Professor and Associate Dean Married 3 2018-02-16 15:20:27
I have been in south Florida since 1990 working at Barry University as a Professor of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine. I am an Asssociate Dean in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. I hope to retire from Barry in 2020 after 30 years on the faculty. I was Ordained as a Deacon in 2005 for the Archdiocese of Miami at St. Edward's Parish in Pembroke Pines, Florida and continue to serve there. My spouse Vicki and I just celebrated 30 years together. She has taught high school Mathematics in the county school system since 1990. I was blessed to come up for our 40th reunion in 2012 and look forward to making it to the 50th in 2022. We have a son Luke teaching at a high school in Orlando, Florida and I have two daughters Sara and Kelly with five grandchildren living in Plymouth, MN. Send Carl a MessageSend Carl a Message
Deb Okeson (Ayers)
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Profile picture
Married 2 2017-12-06 21:46:48

My husband and I are still living and working in Atlanta GA. We have two girls. They are the ages that I think I still am. I have 4 awesome grandchildren (2 from each of my girls). One of my girls is working at the CDC in Atlanta and the other is living in Sweden and plans on staying there long term. She is a research scientist and has just become part of a startup company there. Her husband is a molecular physicist. Go figure.

I am still programming and my husband Curt is an electrical engineer. Love being a Grandmother and spending time with family. Playing tennis and learning to play piano on keyboard. Just sold our lake cabin and consolidated in preperation to possibly retire. Hard for me to even say that word but it could happen?

Life is still good.

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Jill Dickson (McEachern)
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Profile picture
Teacher & Freelance Writer Married 5 2017-10-08 19:35:37
My husband Jim and I have five children and eight amazing grandchildren; Gracie, Marissa, Raegan, Taya, Whitney, Aiden, Brynn, and Raelyn.

Jim (a '67 Robbinsdale graduate) is a retired meatcutter from Cub Foods, and I work part-time for the Osseo School District. We have lived in Andover MN for the last 25 years.

We love to travel, enjoy neighborhood walks, precious moments with our family, and the peacefulness at home.

Jim & I really enjoyed the 40th and 45th Class Reunions! -- the food was fantastic & we had a few chuckles... So fun to see everyone again! :)
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Kim Marcy (Trella)
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Environmental analyst Married 2 2017-10-06 09:44:50
Moved to east coast in 1987. CT is a pretty place, lots to do within a short distance, but also high taxes. May move when we retire. Am married 28 years with a 22 yr old son, Devin, and 17 yr old daughter, Elena. Hubby is a funny guy, younger, who stole my heart years ago. Work for environmental protection for 30 years now. Live in a rural area near a reservoir, love the peacefulness. Life is good. Send Kim a MessageSend Kim a Message
Mel Boyd
Profile picture
Profile picture
Corporate 'Change Management' in Water Treatment industry Single 2017-10-03 21:39:57
I'm living & working in Eastern Virginia, adjacent to the Chesapeake Bay & Atlantic cean in 'Olde Towne, Portsmouth', one of the early 'European' settlements in North America.
Still working... expect to continue.  
Still traveling... hoping to do that for a while longer...
Still performing... trying to put a smile on peoples faces!

Living & Working in Northern AZ.  This is great country for views, sunsets, mountains, and yes, both Sedona & the Grand Canyon (or the BIG Ditch, depending on your point of view).  I got tired of commuting every month to the east coast where most of my consulting work was happening...

Raised my daughter, who married the man I am proud to call my 'son-in-law', and I have the 2 GREATEST grandkids around!

Recently I've decided to begin performing again... Storytelling, Poetry, Song... I think I want to be a Balladeer when I grow up!  Thank goodness for Open Mic nights with friendly crowds!

Hey, I'm looking forward to seeing 'all' again... and getting re-aquainted.  

As we all get older I realize how important 'OLD' friends are!

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Sallie Keifer (Posey)
Profile picture
Retired Married 4 2017-10-01 18:06:33
Just moved to Ft. Pierce, FL. Been away from Minnesota for 19 years. I have been married to Dennis for almost 30 years. I have 4 daughters and 9 grandkids. I am truly blessed. God has been very good to me. Was happy to see some friends from high school, some I have known for 50+ years. It was a great time. Send Sallie a MessageSend Sallie a Message
Debbie Bedman (Sias)
Teacher/ nutrition consultant debbiesias.com Married 5 2017-09-29 22:44:21
i married a business entreprneur and we spent most of our early years starting up companies. In 2009 Marlon survived a sudden death heart attack which launched us into a pro-active nutritional consulting business, Reliv, to avoid any repeat. Remember that science project I did analyzing the nutritional value of dandelions? Well I am helping others improve their health using the nutrtional training that started way back in high school. It has been very rewarding to see people get their life back in the same way we have. For me, that meant surviving Lyme Disease, and helping many others overcome the effects of Lyme. I have 5 children who are scattered around the world. In this last year 3 of them have relocated to Minnesota, so I have a grandson to see and spoil and 2 other grandbabies coming soon. I still have 3 other grandchildren curently in Germany and I find out how rusty I am in German. I am the Educational Coordinator at the Judy Garland Children's Museum in Grand Rapids & it's fun to occasionally see former classmates when they come visit Grand Rapids.  Send Debbie a MessageSend Debbie a Message
Teri Truchinski (Walen)
Profile picture
Realestate Investor Widowed 5 2017-09-29 14:04:55
Enjoying family and friends, I have soon to be 10 grandchildren.
Love the outdoors, travel, cooking, reading, Sudoku, so much more!
Living life to the fullest.
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Jim Stager
Married 3 2017-09-28 13:05:52
Hello OLD friends…. It is not surprising to me that so few of us have filled in a “profile” as yet. How do you condense 45 year of life into a couple of paragraphs? Can you even imagine all the combined adventures, experiences, trials, tribulations and places we have seen as a class? I would love to hear each and every story. My views; personal, professional, political, and religious, have been shaped from the paths I have taken, and the obstacles placed in my way.  Share a drink with me, and I will tell you mine! You will have to get Margo’s version from her!!
As for me, I guess I have been pretty lucky in life, so far. Mostly that stems from Margo “not” taking Cooper teachers, Mr. Strong and Mr. Armstrong’s advice back when we were seniors, to “stay away from Jim Stager” who they viewed as a “bad apple”. Well… after 42 years of marriage, 3 kids and soon to be 5 grandkids, we are still ♫Happy Together♫. Her smile brightens my day, and her kick under the table can still keep me in line. (With the blood thinners I am taking now, it can really leave an ugly mark!!) A few key years do stick out though, such as 1980 when I finished grad school, adopted our first child, Nathan, bought a house (with no money), started and closed a real estate company (remember the 21% interest rates), and finally fell into a career in computer sales (even before the IBM PC was created). In 1987, I accepted a position with Panasonic, who moved us to Chicago (yes I actually do have a few personal mob stories). What we expected to be a couple year adventure turned out to be our life long home. Go CUBS!! Singing is still a passion / hobby for me.  Multiple choirs, song leading at church, a little barbershop, etc., filled a lot of my time. Yes, it is true…I even have my own “groupies” from the “Spirit of Life Chorus” that I have been a member of for over 28 years. Granted they are all OVER 80, but ya gotta take what you can get! Top that Kim Jullian!! My overall health has been pretty good, but out of the blue I had 4 heart stents put in this spring. Surprise, surprise!!
Turns out that my real talent and joy in life is to be the best Grandpa in the world!

Wish you all the best!

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